Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Von hier an blind

In case you thought my art magically improved, you're wrong. xD This drawing was done by a friend, Buddyblack and is of my favorite character Miranda Lotto! In order to show my appreciation, I colored it and got a scrapbook texture... TEXTURES ARE A PAIN TO DO ON OPENCANVAS DDDX... evil, evil thinger! But I have been working in oC recently due to not being able to find that photoshop CD... I like oC a lot better for recognizing brush strokes and the like~~~

KUNST- [o] (sketch)
FOTOGRAFIE- (von Japan) [o]-[o]-[o]-[o]-[o]-[o]-[o]-[o] (mom's favorite... I call it "Peek-a-Buddha")-[o]-[o] (Chicago)


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